HVAC Seminars

HVAC Seminars

HVAC Global Seminars will provide you with the knowledge you need to quickly, properly and confidently service, install and maintain the heating and cooling equipment in today’s market.

HVAC Global Seminars can help avoid the frustration of not knowing how the system is supposed to work.

HVAC Global Seminars take today’s complicated systems and explain them in simple terms that are easy to understand. HVAC Global Seminars offers many low-cost seminars on air conditioning, heat pumps, rooftops, chillers, boilers and furnaces. Students can take complete course, any single class or group of classes. All of the courses will help you in your HVAC job!

Students can take complete course, any single class or group of classes.

The three main fields that will be covered are:

HVAC Course Descriptions

Entry Level Classes

Class 100: Introduction to HVAC Global Seminars

Class 101: Is the heating and cooling field right for me? An intro class explaining what a typical day in the HVAC field is like and what is expected of you.

Class 102: Basic Air conditioning systems The basics of air conditioning systems, components, refrigerants, and controls.

Class 103: Basic Heating systems The basics of gas, oil and electric heating systems, to include furnaces and boilers and electrical controls

Class 104: Basic Electrical Controls for HVAC The basic electrical controls for control, safety and operation of heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.

Class 105 & 105A: Basic Piping for hydronics, air conditioning and refrigeration Piping techniques for heating & cooling, soldering & brazing

Class 106 & 106A: Basic Refrigeration systems The basics of refrigeration systems, components, refrigerants, and controls.

Intermediate Level Classes

Class 202 & 202A: Intermediate Air Conditioning systems Introduction of residential and light commercial air conditioning systems, components, design and installations

Class 203 & 203A: Intermediate Heating systems Introduction of residential and light commercial heating systems, components, design and installations

Class 204 , 204A, 204B & 204C: Intermediate Electrical controls for HVAC Introduction of residential and light commercial electrical controls for HVAC to include safety controls, operational controls, temperature controls, heating controls and refrigeration controls

Class 205 205A: Intermediate Piping for Hydronics, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Piping techniques and designs for primary/secondary heating and chilled water, Silver brazing for air conditioning and refrigeration. Proper vacuum techniques for air conditioning & refrigeration

Class 206 & 206A: Intermediate Refrigeration Systems Servicing the refrigeration system from the basic water cooler, reach-in cooler, walk-in cooler and deep freezer systems

Class 207: Indoor Air quality Introduction to high quality air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers and energy recovery

Advanced Level Classes

Class 302: Advanced Air Conditioning systems (up to 6 courses) Introduction to large air conditioning systems, to include rooftops, air and water cooler chillers for comfort cooling and chillers for production work. To include higher efficient cooling systems for residential use.

Class 303: Advanced Heating systems (up to 6 courses) Introduction to large heating systems, to include steam and/or hot water boilers, piping and controls. Introduction to condensing boiler technology

Class 304: Advanced Electrical controls for HVAC (up to 6 courses) Introduction to commercial temperature controls, energy management controls and Internet HVAC controls

Class 305: Advanced Piping for Hydronics and Air Conditioning Introduction to primary/secondary piping, injection piping, radiant piping for heating. Introduction to two and three valves for chilled water piping. Introduction to piping sizing for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Class 305A: Introduction to Pex tubing in today’s heating systems Introduction to pex tubing design, tubing production selection, manifold selection and installation guidelines

Green Technology Classes

Class 401: Introduction to Solar Thermal panels Introduction to the design, installation and start-up of a solar thermal domestic hot water system and supplemental heating systems

Class 402: Introduction to Geothermal Heat Pumps Introduction of ground source heat pumps, to include ground loops and well water loops.

Class 403: Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps Introduction of air source Heat Pumps used in Hybrid Heating systems

Class 404: Introduction of Radiant Heating Systems Introduction of Radiant heating systems, design of piping systems, design of control systems, Radiant floor heating and Radiant Panel heating

Class 405: Hybrid heating systems Introduction of Hybrid heating systems using air source/ground source heat pumps with gas and oil heating systems

Class 406: Deep Energy retrofit systems Introduction to Super Insulated Homes of the 21 Century

Class 407: How to price a job and not lose money! Introduction to estimating and pricing a project for the correct profit!
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